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True Family Wealth:

Love, Money, & An Inspired Life

by Chris Clarke

If parents want to grow and keep their money, there are plenty of books to advise them how. If they want to learn how to help their adult children lead inspired lives full of love while having the money and other resources to support them, their book choices are truly limited. True Family Wealth addresses this unmet need. It’s written for parents who have achieved financial success, or are on their way to doing so, but now face the concern that their children may not live up to their potential.

This inspiring and practical book shows readers how to transform their limiting beliefs and then use best business practices to transform their family into an effective team so that each member can lead a life full of love, money, and inspiration and reach their true potential.

True Family Wealth is a crossover book, with solid financial advice from a Family Office wealth manager as well as both inspired and practical advice to help individuals choose their own path to fulfillment. As the author says, “Money without great relationships is shallow. Great relationships without money is wasted potential.”

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6” x 9”


$27.95 (hardcover)

$9.99 (ebook)


978-1-988025-19-3 (hardcover)

978-1-988025-26-1 (ebook)

release date

apr. 12, 2017

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Wise advice from a trusted advisor and friend.

Sinan Akdeniz


East Coast Fund Management

former Vice Chair and COO, TD Securities

Informed, friendly, timely, and effective ... in many ways, part of our family.

John Wetmore

former President and CEO

IBM Canada Ltd.

I really appreciate how this book begins with a deep look at the individual, who they are and what they want from life, then doing the same for the family. We are all wealth creators, so the question is what do we want to create? I loved the sections on charitable foundations and the Life Energy Quotient. Chris Clark is right, time is our greatest treasure.

Caroline Mulroney Lapham


Regardless of your current position in life, anyone can benefit from the thought-provoking guidance and practical advice offered throughout Chris’s book. This book will reframe your perceptions about wealth and the pursuit of wealth while providing you with hands-on tools to realize True Family Wealth. This isn’t a ‘get rich quick’ book; this is a ‘how to build and live a fulfilling life’ book.

Doug Arscott


The Juice Plus+ Company Canada

As a money coach, I speak with families daily about their money hopes, concerns, and worries. Every family should use this informative book as a useful resource to facilitate money conversations and to develop their family wealth strategy.

Janet Gray

Certified Financial Planner

Money Coaches Canada

The emotions of money and the relationship issues created around money have had a profound impact on our health, our family, and our society. This is the most comprehensive assessment of what it takes to have a healthy relationship with money and each other that I have come across so far.

Sandra Stewart

CCS, Advisor & Cash Flow Specialist

High Road Financial Planning

Truly inspiring. The mix between spiritualism and wealth creation is very empowering. Chris’s explanation of the value of the meditative practice as a profound experience that helps us all build wealth within and without was one of the best descriptions I have read.

Barry Mills


We will forever be grateful for the financial structure Chris and her team have built and supported for our family for so many years.

Brent Hollister

Retired President and CEO

Sears Canada

Too often I encounter families whose wealth growth and succession plans have become threatened or even destroyed because the money itself was seen as the ultimate goal. Chris Clarke’s book attacks this premise head on, seeking to show that wealth, family, and personal—and dare I say spiritual—growth should be looked at as a unit to achieve financial, family, and life success. This thought-provoking book is highly recommended for people seeking to grow in all these ways with their families into the future.

Brian Cohn


Gowling WLG


Jan 23rd, 2018

Chris Clarke is giving a fireside chat January 23 on kids and money at the publisher’s home base in Rosedale, Toronto.

Oct 3rd, 2017

Chris Clarke will be talking about True Family Wealth at Verity, the Toronto women’s club at 111d Queen Street East, on the evening of Oct. 3rd. Please call the club for tickets and details.

Aug 4th, 2017

Chris Clarke will be signing books at Indigo Spirit, Royal Bank Plaza at 200 Bay St. in Toronto on Aug 4th from 12-2pm.

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